Intergenerational Mediation

Free and Independent Mediation Service

West Sussex Mediation Service’s intergenerational mediation is a free service for family members, of different generations, who are having relationship difficulties.

Mediation helps young people and their parents or carers to:

  • Talk and listen to each other
  • Improve communication
  • Improve understanding
  • Resolve conflict

How does it Work?

We can arrange a visit from two of our friendly team of trained mediators. We will offer you:
Individual Meetings
So that each person can speak freely about the difficulties and how these are affecting them.
Indirect or Shuttle Mediation
We can help re-establish contact or simply stay in contact with your family by passing information backwards and forwards.
Joint Meetings
Mediators can bring you and other family members together to discuss relationships in a safe way.
You Decide!
Where – normally you are visited at home, but meetings can be arranged wherever you feel most comfortable.
When – we can arrange daytime or early evening visits to suit you.
For how long – our mediators will make as many return visits as are needed to help you to improve the situation.

What are the benefits?

A voluntary process
Family members will only take part if they want to.
Mediators listen equally to everyone. They won’t take sides or tell you what to do.
No information will be passed on to anyone unless you say so.
For more information see our leaflet – Time2Talk or contact us.