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Through our work we are able to change lives. People experiencing conflict tell us how their health & wellbeing is affected. We hear stories of sleep deprivation caused by noise nuisance. We hear of stress, anxiety and depression caused when disputes between individuals occur. People become isolated in their own homes – particularly the elderly.

By aiding communication and providing a safe environment to find resolutions to conflict, we can help change things for the better. Our work can help address the fear of crime and prevent situations escalating to actual offences being committed, plus addressing antisocial behaviour.

Examples of what funding can achieve:

  • £10 might cover mileage expenses on one case for a mediator.
  • £25 could pay for a venue hire for a mediation meeting.
  • £400 would cover our annual postage costs.
  • £850 would cover our Insurance costs.
  • £1,250 would pay for our annual phone bill.
  • £1,600 would pay for all our Room Hire costs for mediation meetings, for one year.
  • £3,000 would pay for our volunteer mileage expenses for one year.

You can also Donate with:

Park House
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Other Ways to Donate

Corporate Giving

Businesses play an important part in the society in which they operate. The Government believes companies can be part of the solution to the challenges our society faces today – helping to build a fairer society with stronger communities, and a more productive economy with opportunity for all. Tax incentives can play a role in supporting businesses and their employees to become more involved in their local communities. But evidence suggests that many of the tax incentives are underused and poorly understood. Take a look at the information page on the Government’s Treasury website we would love to have support from local companies in West Sussex.


You can donate to our charity in your will. Leaving a legacy to us is a unique commitment to a cause that can make a real difference to people’s lives. Your contribution is very important, whatever the amount you bequeath. It helps us to plan into the future and continue to fund our core work and other projects which make a difference. Making a Will and keeping it up to date is very important, putting you in control of your affairs. An up to date Will is the best way to make sure your wishes are carried out. It ensures the people and causes you care about are provided for. The following website gives an easy guide to legacies and will making –