Family Medition Services (Fee based)

Helping Families help themselves

When relationships break down emotions can run high. Our mediators are trained to help resolve disputes over all the issues faced by divorcing or separating couples. Many issues can revolve around settling finances and arrangements for any children.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduce tension and hostility
  • Help individuals make informed decisions
  • Keep communication channels open
  • Minimise impact on any children involved
  • Prevent expensive and drawn out court actions**
  • You have control of the outcome
Legal Aid is no longer available for divorces unless domestic violence or child abuse is proven.

What is the process?

Initial Assessment Meeting
Parties meet individually (but not together at this stage) with the mediator. If required the mediator can complete the MIAMS Form FM1.
First Joint Mediation Session
Parties will subsequently convene together with the mediator. This session can last up to two hours.
Further Joint Meeting Sessions
Arranged as appropriate.

What is the Outcome?

If an agreement in principle is reached between the parties, which is acceptable to those involved, the mediator has the ability to draw up a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ which is not legally binding. This can later be translated into a legally binding document or an Order of the Court.

Speak to your legal advisor on this subject as mediation does not replace legal advice. Our mediators may have a legal background but will remain impartial and independent and their role is not to give specific advice.

Why Choose Us Above Others?

  • Highly competitive fees (not profit driven)
  • Years of mediation experience (established in 2000)
  • We can arrange meetings convenient to your location
  • See our leaflet for a little more information or contact us